Jathi Ratnalu Movierulz

Jathi Ratnalu Movierulz is a 2021 Indian Telugu comedy film directed and written by Anudeep VK. Nag Ashwin is producing this film under Swapna Cinema. The picture leads are Naveen Polishetty, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Faria Abdullah, although Murali Sharma, Brahmanandam, and Naresh take backup roles. The plot follows three lucky men who arrive in town to have a better life but end up in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. The film was released dramatically on March 11, 2021, and became a box office blockbuster.

Jathi Ratnalu Movierulz 

Details of the Movie Jathi Ratnalu Movierul




Rahul Ramakrishna

Faria Abdallah


Director: Anudeep KV

Producer: Nag Ashwin

Author: Anudeep KV

Music by: Radhan

Photography: Siddam Manohar

Publisher: Abhinav


Company: Swapna Kino

Release DATE: March 11, 2021

Running time: 148 minutes

Country: India

Language: Telugu

Budget: ₹ four crore

Ticket office: est. ₹ 65-70 crore

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Jathi Ratnalu Movierulz 


Srikanth works in his father’s women’s store in Jogipet but aims for a computer job to gain respect for the villagers. He tells his father to find a job in two months and goes to Hyderabad. His jobless friends Sekhar and Ravi attend him. You struggle to find a house to rent in the city and eventually move into a comfortable apartment in Jubilee Hills. Srikanth falls in love with her neighbor Chitti, and she loves him too.

In the meantime, the Jana Balam party has publicly announced that all ministerial posts will only  award to deserving candidates who have experience in this field. Chanakya, who has inside information on the upcoming Indo-Asian Games in town, manages to overtake Ramachandra from the Ministry of Sports. Chanakya, who also exists in the same flat as Srikanth and her friends, celebrates her birthday. Srikanth gets a job after participating in multiple interviews, and the trio attended the party uninvited. That night, Chanakya, who was shot in the chest, fell unconscious to the ground.

The drunken Ravi declares him dead. The police catch her red-handed, trying to get rid of the body. They arrest because they believe they have a criminal record. However, Chanakya is alive and, to her surprise, names her as the perpetrator. You are brought to justice to be brought to justice. Chitti, a professional attorney with no legal training, tries to prove her innocence, but the judge not convince. He delays the procedure and sends her to jail.

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Chanakya saves her, and her men lead her to hide. Chanakya asks him where is the cell phone Ravi was using when they tried to get rid of him. Ravi doesn’t remember anything from the cell phone. Srikanth learns that they will kill as soon as Chanakya grabs the cell phone. They can escape and decide to find the cause of the blackmailing of Chanakya so that he can withdraw the case. They hint the cell phone to the stalk of his car, only to find that the vehicle is in Chanakya’s hiding place.

When Ravi retrieves the cell phone, he trap in the car that Chanakya fans want to burn in protest. The next day, Srikanth and Sekhar save Ravi. They challenge Chanakya’s brother-in-law, but the phone fortuitously falls into a pot. As of last confidence, they arrow the cell phone done to Chanakya’s rival, Ramachandra. But he betrays her and joins Chanakya to make money. You will be sent back to be tried.

Jathi Ratnalu Movierulz 


In an ending effort to save himself, Srikanth makes up a story in which Chanakya involve in a scam with Hong Kong business people that everyone believes in. The judge orders the police to uncover the plot. To avoid public outrage, the Chanakya party is pushing for ties to Hong Kong to sever and the compulsory affair to drop. Srikanth and his friends acquit of the crime.

The bid for the Indo-Asian Games goes to Swatantra Electronics, and the Chanakya political fan is in custody. Srikanth returns to Jogipet to run her own women’s business and marries Chitti (who works as a lawyer for legal advice).In the end, it turns out that the cell phone has a file where Chanakya (the Minister of Sports) claims to be a national cricket champion in which he is a goalkeeper.

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