Our Story Season 2 In Hindi

Our Story Season 2 In Hindi: Burak Deniz and Hazal Kaya feature in the Turkish drama series Bizim Hikaye (English: Our Story). It’s a remake of the Shameless TV show from the United Kingdom. The show is well-known in India and Pakistan. It refer to as Our Story in Hindi and Hamari Kahani in Urdu. Its first episode received over 16 million views in September 2017. The show aired for 70 episodes and was shot in Istanbul.

Our Story Season 2 In Hindi 

Details of Our Story Season 2 In Hindi


Written by: Ebru Hacıoğlu , Hatice Meryem, Bozkurt, , Verda Pars, Banu Kiremitçi

Directed by: Serdar Gözelekli (1-37), Reha Özcan, Koray Kerimoğlu (38-70), Starring Burak Deniz,  Country of origin: Turkey

Original language: Turkish

No. of seasons   2

No. of episodes  70


Producer: Fatih Aksoy

Production location: Istanbul

Running time: 120 minutes

Production company: Med Yapım


Original network: Fox

Picture format: 1080i HDTV

Original release: 14 September 2017 –

23 May 2019


Kaya: Filiz Elibol

Burak Deniz: Burak Deniz

Reha Özcan: Reha Özcan

Yagiz Can Konyali: Yagiz Can Konyali

Zeynep Selimoglu: Zeynep Selimoglu

Ömer Sevgi: Ömer Sevgi

Alp Akar: Alp Akar

Mehmetcan Mincinozlu:Mehmetcan Mincinozlu

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Our Story Season 2 In Hindi Video Download 720p is a popular Turkish drama web show dubbed in Hindi, a remake of the British serial Shameless. Burak Deniz, Hazal Kaya, Reha Ozcan, Mehmet Korhan Firat, and others star in the Hindi dubbed Turkish 2017 drama web show directed by Serdar Gozelekii and Koray Kerimoglu. The narrative of six siblings who have to deal with the hardships of poverty, an alcoholic father, and a mother who went on a walk many years ago and never returned. Watch all six episodes of the Turkish love drama web program Our Narrative, dubbed in Hindi, and tells the story of six siblings who spend their days together, hoping for a better tomorrow. Download Our Story Season 2 In Hindi Video 720p.

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Our Story Season 2 In Hindi 

Filiz is freed from prison and is taken aback when he discovers that Barş has vanished. She refuses to believe it because Barş sent her letters, but her younger brothers explain that they were the ones who wrote them so that she won’t be concerned. Filiz discovers Barş in a hospital and learns that he has a son named Savaş Junior and a wife. Barş claims he used her because he was tired of being married and never truly loved her. Filiz is heartbroken and becomes inebriated. Selim, her lawyer and secret love interest escorts her home.

Filiz opens a company that happens to be just next door to Barş’s. Both of them dispute because Filiz refuses to leave the region, and Barş is bothered by the construction of her shop. Tulay has lost both of her twins. Hikmet, meantime, is head over heels in love with Zeynep, a pregnant woman. He marries her and decides to raise her as his child. When Cicek, living with Filiz since his release from prison, discovers his marriage papers and informs the family, he keeps her secret. Tulay chooses to retain Zeynep because she is pregnant and has a warm spot for her.

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Savaş Junior has a heart transplant, and Barş confesses to Filiz that he only returned to his former wife Nihal because their kid was ill; Filiz and Barş reunite. Fikri marries Melek, a wealthy woman who is dying of cancer. Kiraz and Feco are spoiled rotten, and she pays little attention to them. Kiraz begins to act harmful and disrespectful with Filiz, ordering her to leave her life alone. Melek visits her mother in Switzerland, where she later passes away. Filiz accepts Fikri and his children into her own home after Fikri, and his children eject from the house. Kiraz enters a friend’s club from the roof of a construction building Filiz, who is feverish and exhausted, passes out.

In the hospital, Barş proposes to her, and she accepts. If Barş does not return to her, Nihal threatens to arrest her, but Barş fakes his death in front of Nihal and marries Filiz. Hikmet vacates the residence because he does not wish Barş to reside there. Merve, Barş’s sister, arrives and intends to assist Barş by spying on Nihal while masquerading as the babysitter for Savaş Junior. Hikmet kidnaps a woman’s child, and Barş discovers that he has bipolar disorder. Hikmet has been admitted to the hospital. Filiz’s pregnancy is revealed. In the meantime, Nihal realizes Barş is still alive and imprisons him, while Merve betrays him. Nihal suffers a brain hemorrhage, and when she recovers, she repents and joins her son aboard the ship.

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When it comes to ‘Our Story,’ where should I start? It is unmistakably a ‘Shameless’ adaptation, but I preferred it to the original. The casting is fantastic, and each role is perfectly cast. All of the characters appear to be real people, and their functions are well-written and performed. There isn’t a single scene you should miss. The art director did an excellent job of making the entire series appear realistic.’ Throughout the voyage of ‘Our Story,’ I have laughed and cried at the same time. The music albums in this series add another star to the series. It’s incredible. I’d watch it over and over to relive the characters’ experiences and emotions. ‘Filiz and Baris,’ the main protagonists, were a delight to see. All of the characters, especially this duo, deliver outstanding acting performances.

Furthermore, Deniz’s character was over-the-top and overdone. And I thought the way they shaped Hikmet’s character in the second season was unnecessary, as was Zeynep’s appearance. They also portray the nature of a beautiful situational comedy, romance, and drama with a wide range of emotions. It’s a fantastic work of art from the Turkish television industry. It would help if you watched it, in my opinion. It’s well worth your time.


Neslihan is presented as Barş’s previous girlfriend and colleague. When Rahmet witnesses Baris transporting Neslihan to a hotel, he accuses him of having an affair with Filiz. Filiz advises Barş to divorce her, which he does. Later, Rahmet discovers that it was all a misunderstanding and that Barş brought Neslihan to her room because she inebriate, but he did not sleep with her. Filiz begs Barş for forgiveness, but he declines. Filiz goes to Barş’s office to find out the gender of her baby, and they delight to learn that they are expecting a girl.

Fikri suffers from a heart attack and claims that Hikmet and his granddaughter saved his life. He swears he’ll be a fantastic father. Hikmet is freed from the hospital and joins the Elibol family. Cemil and Cicek, as well as Rahmet and Deniz, marry a month later. Filiz welcomes a baby girl into the world. Fikri buys them all apartments in preparation for the arrival of his grandchild. A baby, who turns out to be Fikri’s eighth kid, abandon on their doorstep.


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