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Udaya Geetham (Tamil pronunciation: [udaja ɡiːdam]) is a 1985 Indo-Tamil thriller by K. Rangaraj. In supporting roles, the film leads Mohan, Lakshmi, and Revathi with Goundamani, Anand Babu, and Prathapachandran. It rotates around a singer sentenced to death for a killing he did not commit and a young girl dying to clear his name. The film was released on April 13, 1985, and was a commercial success, screened in theaters for 148 days, making it a Silver Jubilee film.

Sangeetha Megam Mp3 Songs Free Download – Sangeetha Megam is a Tamil single voiced by S. P. Balasubrahmanyam. Below is the details on how to download Sangeetha Megam MP3 songs for free, along with the download link. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam succumbed to COVID-19 on September 25, 2020, leaving an unfillable void in the Indian music industry. Udaya Geetham made her film debut on April 13, 1985, the day before Puthandu. Also find the dark knight full movie in hindi

sangeetha megam song download

Details of the Movie

  • Directed by K. Rangaraj
  • Screenplay by K. Rangaraj
  • Story by R. Selvaraj
  • Produced by Kovaithambi with Mohan Lakshmi Revathi
  • Dinesh Babu Photography
  • Edited by R. Bhaskaran Ilaiyaraaja music
  • Production company Home pictures [3]
  • Release date April 13, 1985
  • Country India
  • Tamil language

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More Details – Sangeetha Megam Song Download

Arun is a condemned singer. At one of his concerts, he meets Shanthi, a fan, and she accompanies him on numerous occasions inside and outside the prison. Arun shows deep animosity towards Shanthi and constantly avoids it, but a persistent Shanthi refuses to give up. Maari, an inmate, tries to escape from prison but is arrested by Arun. He tells Arun about his sick daughter and her inability to pay for her operation. A sympathetic Arun promises to raise money for the ill child at his next concert, which will also be his last.

Leela Chowdhry is the new police superintendent at Madras Central Prison, where Arun held. Shanthi persuades her to marry Arun, who, after careful consideration and consideration, also accepts. The wedding takes place at Leela’s house. During their wedding night, Shanthi stabbed Arun to death and revealed him to be Anand’s sister, for whose murder Arun sentence. Anand was Arun’s musical partner in their group before he assassinates. Arun claims he was wrongly convicted, and Shanthi, who believes him, promises to clear his name.

Sangeetha Megam Song Download  


Shanthi later meets Shankar, Anand’s natural killer. He admits to the murder but claims he did it because he saw Anand sleeping with his wife. Shanthi, knowing that Shankar’s wife is promiscuous (she was the one who seduced the reluctant Anand), brings him to her, and Shankar is furious when he sees his wife in bed with another man. It kills her, but not before she extremely wounds him. Arun, who has escaped, is confronted by Leela, who he realizes to be his mother. She allows him to give her last concert but then has to let him hang her to death. Immediately after finishing his show, he arrests, but Shanthi and Shankar finally arrive and tell the truth about Anand’s death, causing Shankar to succumb. Arun’s death sentence overturn.

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Soundtrack – Sangeetha Megam Song Download

The soundtrack for the film was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, [9] it is his 300th film. [10] The song “Thene Thenpaandi” is set in the carnatic raga known as Sankarabharanam, [11] “Paadu Nilavae” is set in the Kusumadharini raga, [12] and the theme song is in Dhenuka

Song Details

  • Song from 1985
  • Mother tongue: Tamil
  • Heimatfilm: Udaya Geetham
  • Copywriter: Muthulingam
  • Musician: Ilaiyaraaja
  • Singer (s): S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
  • Song duration: 4:28 minutes

Something about Udaya Geetham

It is the story of Arun, a famous and condemned singer who raises money for the poor with his concert. His wife Shanthi has additional plans and tries to kill him.

Mp3 songs Sangeetha Megam free download


Cast by Udaya Geetham

  • Mohan as Arun
  • Lakshmi as Leela Chowdhry
  • Revathi like Shanthi
  • Goundamani like a fake swami
  • Anand Babu as Anand
  • Prathapachandran as Shankar
  • Kallapetti Singaram
  • Senthil as a prisoner
  • Lalitha: Shankar’s wife
  • Disco Shanti
  • T.K.S. Natarajan
  • Kovai Sarala
  • Shekhinah Shawn: the sick child

Lyrics of the song – Sangeetha Megam Song Download

Sangeetha Megam Thaen Sindhum Neram

Aagaayam Pookal Thoovum Kaalam

{Naazhai En Geethame Engum Ulaavumae} (2)

Endrum Vizhavae In Vaazhvilae… ae

Sangeetha Megam Thaen Sindhum Neram

Aagaayam Pookal Thoovum Kaalam

Lala Lala Laa… Lala Lala Lala

{Pogum Paadhai Dhooramae Vaazhum Kaalam Konjamae

JeevaSugam Pera Raaga NadhiyinilNee Neendhavaa} (2)

{Indha Thegam Maraindhaalum Isaiyai Malarven} (2)

Kelaai Poo Manamae… Oooh Oh

Sangeetha Megam Thaen Sindhum Neram

Aagaayam Pookal Thoovum Kaalam

{Ullam Ennum Oorilae Paadal Ennum Therilae

Naalum Kanavugal Raaja Bavanigal Pogindra Dae} (2)

{Endhan Moochum Indha Paatum Anaiya Vilakke} (2)


Kelaai Poo Manamae… Oooh Oh

Sangeetha Megam Thaen Sindhum Nera

Aagaayam Pookal Thoovum Kaalam

{Naazhai En Geethame Engum Ulaavumae} (2)

EndrumVizhavae EnVaazhvilae… Ae… Ooh Oh

Sangeetha Megam Thaen Sindhum Neram

Aagaayam Pookal Thoovum Kaalam

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