Web Design: Given all of the drama, panic, and fear that has dominated 2020, we see brands reducing their use of color in 2021. Businesses, their customers, and the general population have had to adapt. And we may need to do more as we prepare for what the new normal will be, whatever that new normal is. It also applies to web designers.

While design trends can change over time, some are more or less persistent. If they change at all, change is slow while the newer ones can suddenly impose on us.

None of the following 3 new web design trends for 2021 expect to cause web designers any heartache. These are not radical ideas that modify the mind. They make sense; they’re not difficult to implement and even suggest that the new standard improve the old.

We’ll show you examples of websites that already include some of these new trends, as well as a selection of pre-built BeTheme websites that also integrate.

1. Use Calming And Calming Color Palettes

Solid and bold color palettes and a variety of color gradients have been showcased in recent web design firm trends to grab visitors’ attention.

We’re fed up with the stress, tension, and screaming associated with the “normal” 2020 and are more than ready to move on to quieter times and softer, more toned color palettes.

Bellroy’s website is an excellent example of a toned-down look. You can almost smell the leather in its practical everyday products.

Note the effect of the weakened background on the colored object. The object still pops out as it should, but without crying out for your attention.

The pre-designed color scheme of the BeSpa website provides another example of sending a message that is calm, inspiring, and, most importantly, doesn’t scream for attention.

This calm and pleasant imagery evokes pleasant feelings that live in the moment; Feelings of well-being, security, and sensations invite the visitor to go further.

2. Easily Combine Physical And Digital Images

Many new telecommuters stuck at home with little to do in 2020 other than staring at their screens. It has led to a more excellent fusion of their physical life with the digital world.

Some web designers have taken note of this change of scenery and have started to mix graphics and special effects with real images, as is the case with the site of fashion designer Constance Burke:

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3. Create More User-Friendly And Efficient Online Shopping Experiences

In 2020, we saw a boom in online shopping, which expects to continue and accelerate. With more people shopping online than ever before, eCommerce sites need to provide visitors with efficient and easy-to-understand conversion routes.

When they’re in a physical store and know what they want, shoppers want to get on and off as quickly as possible. If they’re not sure what they want or are just looking for, they still need help or suggestions to help them compare or choose.

The Walgreens product page design is an excellent example of what buyers will want from an eCommerce website design in 2021:

A potential buyer needs to know upfront, and other helpful information like specials, discounts, and customer reviews top the list. If a purchase needs to make, the following steps present.

BePestControl’s predefined website uses a similar method:

In this example, a buyer can select directly into the cart or read the additional information under the button first. BePestControl highlights the importance of using simple navigation aids to make shopping a more satisfying experience in 2021.

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