This is Apple’s New iPhone 11 and it’s Features

Apple has finally unveiled the new iPhone 11 lineup, which includes a trio of feature-rich phones. That’s all we know about the iPhone 11 so far, including its release date, new camera features, cost, and more.

Hello iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is essentially an update to iPhone XR with a few updates selected. For example, there are now two camera sensors on the back. The secondary camera takes wide-angle photos, and you can easily switch between sensors even when you are recording videos. According to the company, this phone will have the highest video quality of any existing smartphone.

One of the things Apple made clear after its big showcase event on Tuesday is that the company wants you to own their products no matter how much money you have in your bank account.

New iPhone 11

The launch price of this new iPhone 11, in its regular, Pro and Max versions, is lower than the usual Apple has accustomed us to in a phone of this type: it is the candidate to become the bestseller of 2019, because potentially at an excellent price to attract dubious and dubious consumers. It can be found for 809 euros.

Is it worth switching to a new mobile? The truth is, Apple is trying to tackle the global trend that mobile users take an average of three years to renew their current mobile, which is reducing sales across the industry.

It is likely that the announcement of the price reduction of the new Apple smartphone as well as the services of its latest subscription products: Apple Arcade and Apple TV +, was the most important announcements of the day.

As they were a clear reminder of how the company is moving from being a manufacturer of high-end hardware to that of a provider of digital consumer services. The awards mean to appeal to a large audience, not just people who can afford phones worth thousands of dollars.

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We already talked about their cameras. It has two cameras: 12-megapixel and ultra-wide cameras. They also updated the camera software. A night mode adds to take better photos in dark situations that generally cannot photograph.

What could be better than two cameras? Three cameras, according to Apple. The company has announced two premium phones: the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro and the 6.1-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max. What makes these devices top of the range is the trio of cameras on the phone’s back, which Apple claims will allow users to take professional photos and 4K videos.

The entire iPhone 11 lineup expect to be available from September 20th.