Small business owners advantage from the accounting software as it helps them keep track of accounts receivable and accounts payable, have a clear understanding of their profitability, and prepare for tax season. And also, In the world of Accounting software, a small business can custom out-of-the-box software without the necessity for extensive customization. Further, as a business grows, its accounting becomes more intricate, and a custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is frequently required.

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Besides, QuickBooks Online is the best small business total accounting software ever reviewed. Further, not only is QuickBooks Online used by most small business accounting professionals, but there are endless forums and training resources online for help when needed. Further, all accounting functions are conveniently accessible from one central panel, making accounting more seamless and efficient.

  • Advantage
  • Scalable
  • Often used by accountants
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Cloud-based
  • App
  • Disadvantage
  • Update required for more users
  • Occasional timing problems with banks and credit cards

Therefore, Intuit’s QuickBooks Online is the most popular accounting software used by small businesses and their accounting and tax professionals. So, the software is cloud-based and can access through a web browser or a mobile app.

The Best For Micro-Entrepreneurs

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Xero is the best in our test for small businesses looking for very simple accounting software. And also, this software has a clean user interface and also fully integrates with a third-party payroll service. And also, by integrating Xero with Stripe and GoCardless, businesses can collect payments from their customers online.

  • Advantage
  • Cloud-based
  • App
  • Payroll integration with pleasure
  • Third-party application market
  • Simple inventory management
  • Disadvantage
  • Limited coverage
  • ACH payment fees
  • Limited customer service

Xero found in New Zealand in 2006 and now has more than two million users worldwide. This accounting software is standard in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Xero has more than 3,000 employees and is growing rapidly in the United States as well.

Best For Service-Based Businesses

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The most critical accounting requirement for most service-oriented businesses is billing. Compared to other accounting software, FreshBooks offers more customization options for invoicing. In addition, Its primary function is to send, receive, print, and pay invoices, but it can also serve the basic accounting needs. So, this accounting software makes it easy for service-minded businesses to send quotes and invoices, request down payments, garner customer loyalty, track project time, and receive payments.

  • Advantage
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Integration of third-party applications
  • Affordable
  • Extended billing features
  • Disadvantage
  • No inventory management
  • No payroll service
  • The mobile app has limitations

FreshBooks was founded in Toronto in 2003 and started as pure billing software. More features have added over time, and FreshBooks now has over 500 employees. In addition, there are four different plans, and companies can get a 10% discount if they choose to pay annually instead of monthly. Additionally, FreshBooks offers a 60% discount per month for six months. The four strategies are Lite for $ 6 a month, Plus for $ 10 a month, Premium for $ 20 a month, and Select, personalized service with personalized prices.

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Best For Part-Time Drivers

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QuickBooks Freelance Accounting Software is our first choice for freelancers and freelancers who primarily want to track their income and expenses for their tax returns. So, this software design for business owners who file a Schedule C on their individual tax return.

Further, without possession up with a business with software like this, freelancers would have to search through all their bank and credit card statements to add up their income and expenses at the end of each year, which can be pretty overwhelming. So, QuickBooks Self-Employed routinely totals all business transactions.

  • Advantage
  • Cloud-based
  • App
  • Mileage tracking
  • Distinguish between business and personal expenses.
  • Synchronized with TurboTa
  • Disadvantage
  • Data cannot quickly transfer to other accounting software
  • Limited coverage
  • Limited billing and customization feature

Besides, QuickBooks Self-Employed is an Intuit product with a cloud-based online interface and a mobile app. So, this software design to help freelancers stay organized for tax season each year. Therefore, QuickBooks freelancer’s features include mileage tracking, expense classification, organization of receipts, invoice submission, and hassle-free tax estimation and filing through TurboTax.

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