Business Equipment You May Need

Removing complexities in management is the fundamental key to having a productive business. Too often, enterprises underrate the value of good equipment. Automated devices are a guaranteed solution for achieving the goal. For instance, activities like documentation, storage, and distribution take place daily. Cutting on the clutter in this arena can be fruitful.

You see, post-pandemic, the technology surged. This introduced many equipment solutions in the market that complied with the numerous needs of the organisations. So, let’s explore the equipment which ensures a well-operated business.

Franking Machines

A franking machine prints and assigns correct stamping to your mail. It downloads the postage through an electronic communication medium which is accessible only if your business account is registered. The equipment has made the entire seven-step process from writing the mail to posting it very convenient.

The no one-size-fits-all solution has the following benefits for an enterprise.

  • Reduces the cost sent in the mail
  • Makes the entire process very convenient
  • Helps in generating brand visibility
  • A safer means of communication

For sending over 300 post mails, the most popular franking machines are DM400 series franking machines, SendProP2000, and SendProP3000 franking machines.

Parcel Lockers

It is a storage unit facility for making parcel management sustainable and secure. Parcel lockers play a vital role in managing the storage of the assets of a business. Integration of a computer and sensor system in the storage lockers introduced the concept of smart lockers that are widely used in enterprises. They have multi-technical facilities such as an authentication panel, content monitor, and management software to render a contactless, secure, and operative parcel system at an enterprise.

There is a wide variety of parcel lockers based on the business’s compliance.

  • Indoor Parcel lockers
  • Outdoor Parcel lockers
  • Refrigerator parcel lockers

Security Scanners

Security scanners are devices that keep an organisation’s employees and staff safe. The key role of it is to scan and analyse anything that enters the premises. It could be a parcel, a mail or even an individual.  There are diverse options that help the business maintain a secure environment.

  • Security scanners such as SP-100, SP-300, and SP-500 eliminate the risk of any mail threat. An audible alarm rings when a suspected package is scanned through it.
  • The role of security scanners such as Rapiscan 618XR and Rapiscan 620XR Security Scanner is to deploy any potential threat from a package or a bag
  • Metor 6M and Metor 6S Walk Through Metal Detectors detect any harmful metal material such as knives and guns on an individual.

Mailroom Furniture

Streamlining workflow is an optimum method of increasing productivity. Structured mailroom furniture renders smooth functioning. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, productive mailroom equipment reduces the chances of inefficient mail handling and lost posts.

Wooden mail sort units, Mailroom trolleys, and Sack holders are some examples of Mailroom furniture which make the distribution and storage of posts convenient.

Letter Openers

Spending over thirty minutes each day to open client letters, sales leads, and documents is counter-productive. An automated letter opening machine opens documents without any manual intervention. It is equipment that has the capacity of handling over a hundred letters in a minute.

An enterprise may receive numerous amounts of mail each day, but this simple equipment renders a fast mechanism to address them quickly.

Through technological advancement, you have quite the choice today.

  • IM-16 letter opener opens 300 letters per minute
  • IM-19 letter opener opens 400 letters per minute
  • IM-22 letter opener opens 32000 envelopes per hour with the additional integration of touch-screen
  • IM-27 letter opener opens 36000 envelopes per hour
  • IM-30 letter opener has a multi-side opening that executes a simpler and faster solution.

Folder Inserters

Assembling a letter into a folder has never been easier. A folder inserter is an efficient and accurate system that blends well in a corporate environment. The device consists of a document and inserts feeders, which allow envelopes and letters of different sizes to enter. Its accuracy gives the device a professional outlook and adds to the productivity of your workplace.

Multiple folder inserters are available in the market ranging from the DS-40i folder inserter that assembles 1350 mails in an hour to DS-1200 G4i folder inserter that has additional features of touch-screen, Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS) and 2D matrix code primed to reduce the assembly work to seconds rather than hours.

The End Game

Inculcating business equipment has become a necessity to invoke professionalism and time management. It creates no room for human error as everything is automated. As a result, an organization can maximise its time and potential without worrying about minor details.

The quadient UK delivers professional pieces of equipment ranging from secure parcel lockers to inks and office supplies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for facilitating a well-organized work environment.