Olympiad is undoubtedly an esteemed exam that is undertaken both internationally and nationally all around the world. Math is among other subjects for which the Olympiad undergoes every year.

Math is a subject that gives nightmares already to many students. So, a few questions for those who would like to appear and clear this exam is how do students need to start their preparation?

Well, no doubt students need to put a lot of effort to beat this esteemed exam. Students need a dedicated approach, structured plan, regular effort, and all that with the right attitude and mindset.

Practice questions are crucial, especially with Math subject candidates. There isn’t any particular threshold for the number of problems one needs to solve, math depends on how many problems one feels confident about that topic.

One thing that must be regular for students in this overall journey is to measure their efforts on their own. It is critical to check whether their methods or the changes they made bring the required results.

Some points are which help students to get started:

  • Students’ Starting Dilemma: Since starting is always the toughest step, it’s fine to feel a little lost. Students need to start by collecting some information about the exam like exam pattern, syllabus, any change in the process, etc. Students make sure to check all this information from the official website to maintain trust. The Olympiads syllabus is the mostly same as students’ respective school syllabus, this is one of the merits for any candidates. Because students already have some understanding of all the topics and have some idea on which topics they need to spend their time on. It helps candidates to allocate their time for each topic.
  • Candidates need to arrange study materials that are required for their preparation journey like mock test papers, previous year’s question papers, a few online website portals for reference, etc.
  • While looking for study resources, candidates must keep one thought in their mind that this exam, check them to have conceptual knowledge and how all their topics are applicable in their practical real-life situations.
  • Candidates must keep track of critical points of each topic in the short form of notes and cue cards because it becomes a sort of easy time of revision and practice. Candidates also need to track and work on their mistakes. Because most of them often, tend to repeat their mistakes.
  • Regular Practice: Practice questions are integral, there are no shortcuts applicable. Students don’t have to solve many problems of a similar kind for the reason of the number of problems. Candidates need to solve problems of different types to check their knowledge. Candidates must challenge themselves regularly with a different difficulty level (increase the level of difficulty when you become comfortable with some level), time limitation (try to solve as many problems in a given time), etc. Candidates must solve mock question papers consistently to check their approach, time consumption (how much time students need to solve one section), an issue creating area, etc.
  • Structured Strategy: The point of any strategy is to overcome probable issues that help to reach the target. A few critical aspects of candidates’ strategy for this exam are to cover the overall syllabus, practice enough problems to stay confident, take time for revision, balanced physical and mental health, and give the best shot in the exam. Candidates must provide proper inclinations to each one, also allot time respectively.
  • In the Exam: Learners need to keep in mind that each problem paper has all kinds of problems. Some of them are simple, a few mediocre, and some are tough. So don’t give too much time to one particular problem. Sometimes candidates were not able to solve the problem on a point they were most certainly in, so don’t take that on pride and move ahead. Candidates must understand that they don’t have to answer every problem. They need to play clever, again don’t waste much time on a problem. Because this helps learners in one way by defeating their chances. Also, it’s okay if some learners aren’t able to solve a few opening questions, don’t drop hope, sometimes teachers intentionally put complex questions in the opening to test learners. Students must stay calm and look for other possibilities that are immediately in front. This exam is not just to check learners’ conceptual understanding but also, how they play under time constraints, under execution pressure, etc.
  • Decent Learning Environment: Learners must make their learning conditions as proper as possible. Because students go, spend a portion of their time so make certain it’s suitable, clean, not loud, etc. These circumstances not only serve to increase focus but enhance productivity.
  • Fitting Mindest: Everything else is common among whole students but, their mindset. After a point, it depends on learners’ mindset that how they look at things nearby themselves. Learners must understand the contemporary situation, a few things they must work on, and whereby to do that. Learners must follow the exam model from former years’ question papers to adapt accordingly. Don’t concentrate too much on the complexity level of the exam because it is alike for each applicant. Learners must sharpen on things they have authority over and the actions they can evolve and develop.
  • Follow a Healthy Lifestyle: It is no mystery that learners have to take charge of their wellness for the best potential results. When it comes to wellness, both physical and mental health is equally important. Learners need to combine decent nutritious and light eats, take a good volume of sleep of about 6-7 hours, including some bodily sport in their daily schedule. Also, include small rests after every few hours while studying (in these rests, do some bodily movements like stretching, it helps to channelize the blood flow). Ultimately, students need to renew, revive themselves continually in their ways. Don’t cookout before the exam.

You can also refer to IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper.


Learners need to understand the subtleties of this exam, the things they concentrated on, and how to manage these things for aspired results. For best outcomes, keep all these details in mind and begin your preparation.

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