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A clock or watch is a device for measuring and displaying time. The clock is one of humanity’s oldest inventions and responds to the need to measure time intervals shorter than natural units: the day, the lunar month, and the year. Devices that work with multiple physical processes use for millennia.

Some predecessors of the modern clock can be considered “clocks” based on the movements of nature: a sundial indicates the time by showing the position of a shadow on a flat surface. There are several duration timers, an example of which is the hourglass. Along with sundials, water clocks are probably the oldest instruments for measuring time. Innovation came with the invention of the verge escapement, which allowed Europe’s first mechanical clocks around 1300 to keep time with oscillating clocks.

Traditionally, in horology, the term watch is used for a watch that told the time, while a watch that did not tell the hours audibly was called a watch. This distinction is no lengthier made. Wristwatches and other watches worn on the body are not commonly known as watches. Spring clocks appeared in the 15th century, and Watchmaking flourished in the 15th and 16th centuries. The subsequent development in precision came after 1656 with the invention of the pendulum clock by Christiaan Huygens. A significant stimulus to improving the accuracy and reliability of timepieces was the importance of precise timing in navigation. The mechanism of a clock, with a series of gears driven by a spring or weights, is called a clockwork; The term is secondhand as an extension for a similar mechanism not used in a watch. The electric clock was original in 1840, and electronic clocks were introduced in the 20th century and became widespread with the development of small battery-powered solid-state devices.

There are also blind watches with displays that can be recited by touch. The study of punctuality is known as horology.

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