Ways to Use Memes in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is all about engaging people, and there is no better way to do that than with memes. Memes have proven to be an effective way of communication for brands, thanks to the implied meaning that they carry.  They can also get a company’s point across in a fun and relatable way. But using memes in your content marketing strategy can usually be a double-edged sword.

If you use dated memes in your marketing strategy or fail to understand their context, the results can backfire. Though you are putting in the effort, these posts could give the impression that you are trying too hard. Therefore, understanding how to use them is very importance. Here are a few ways that you can use memes for an effective marketing strategy.

Using Memes for Marketing

1. Understanding Your Brand Better

The first way that you can effectively use memes is by understanding your company better. Every firm has a specific public image, whether they create it themselves or their customers and client base gives it to them.

Understanding this image can help you find memes that, as the kids put it, “vibe” with your brand. So if you usually post fun and heartwarming content, a bleak or darkly humorous post will look odd. Most people will think that your social media account has been hacked. A good example to look at is Gucci, which uses renaissance paintings with funny captions to show off their taste in clothing and humor.

2. Make them more relatable

One of the most important things to remember when working on your marketing efforts is that the content needs to be relatable. By understanding your audience better, you can find out what things they find relatable along with what they like. Not being able to understand your audience better could even lead to your reputation taking a hit.

However, if you have a niche audience, the rules for meme marketing tend to bend a little. If your core audience likes a specific brand of humor that otherwise does not work, you should use it. This unique brand of humor can be an effective way to build a community. And even though it might turn most people away, the ones who stay will be most interested in what you offer.

3. Create a Dedicated Buyer’s Persona

Another way that you can make your marketing campaigns especially successful is by creating a persona for your audience. Look around the internet and try to find out relevant information about your buyers. Other than seeing what types of things that they like, try to find the average age of your customers.

You should also focus on the types of jobs that they work and the things that they stand for on social media. Understanding all these things can help you craft a more relatable marketing strategy for them. For example, your audience consists mainly of college students who are not financially well off. Your marketing campaign should focus on their personal struggles like finding the best deal or looking for a cheap alternative.

4.Time Your Memes

Like any good joke, timing your meme can be the difference between a massive success or filler on someone’s timeline. If you want to make a meme about a holiday, then you have to post it on the correct month, day, or week.

Of course, you also need to add memes that are relevant. Unfortunately, since the internet moves so quickly, meme trends barely stay around for three weeks. And some barely last longer than a few days before people move on. So be sure to use current meme trends and check out websites like twitter and Instagram if it is trending.

Some Ways to Implement Memes into Digital Marketing

1. Memes in social media marketing

Memes thrive the most on social media. Since the younger generation populates these sites, using memes on social media can show that you are in touch. They do not have to be very complicated either, as you just need a catchy caption with a creative meme.

Chipotle is the undisputed champion of using memes on social media to better market their brand. All of their Instagram posts have some of the best memes that you can find from a company. They have an intimate understanding of their audience, and how to best approach them.

2. Email Marketing with Memes

Memes are always very attention grabbing, either because they have seen it before, or because people can relate to it. Therefore, they make a very good fit for email marketing, as they can catch someone’s attention right off the bat.

But catching someone’s attention is only the first challenge that comes with email marketing. The second challenge is to ensure that your audience reads the content you wrote. So if the meme that you used matches the tone and context of the email, people will want to listen.

3. Blogs with Memes

Finally, brands tend to use memes in their blog posts to make it more relatable and enjoyable to read. Information is also easier to digest with the help of these memes, especially if they are contextually relevant to the content.

Conversely, memes can also be helpful in improving SEO rankings, as people looking for the meme will also stumble upon your blog. But you should use these memes sparingly. Try not to incorporate too many of them and make sure that the memes will not age poorly. Sometimes actors within the memes can come under fire for a scandal, which can reflect badly on your company.

Add Spice to Your Marketing Campaigns

While some may find using memes in marketing to be immature, they can help build a sense of community. Memes can also be a very simple way to ensure that you can grab your audience’s attention when it matters most. To effectively implement a meme marketing campaign, you should contact a communications firm.

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