Want to stay ban-free while playing games? Read this

Are you just starting in the gaming world or a hard-core gamer who couldn’t help but feel scared of get ban now and then? Hacks and cheat give you that extra leverage and make gaming fun for you. With anti-cheat software improving every day.

Developers have formulated a technology that suspends your PC’s HWID entirely if the software catches any suspicious activity from your system. This makes using hacks or cheats codes while playing very difficult for games.

Before starting, let us quickly understand what an HWID exactly is.

Introduction to HWID:

HWID, short for Hardware ID, is a unique piece of ID used to identify each piece of hardware, such as CPU, network card, graphics card, etc. Anti-cheat software detects suspicious actions like when you accidentally use some fake hack site in games and catches you by detecting your HWID and banning it.

So, you would not be able to play anymore, causing a considerable loss to your gameplay performance. In such a situation, HWID Spoofers come to your rescue.

What is HWID Spoofer, and how do they help you?

HWID Spoofer or HWID Changer helps you prevent in-game bans by modifying your HWID on your PC. They change all the hardware IDs randomly so that you stay safe from anti-cheat programs. After you change your info, you will not have to fear gaming bans anymore.

Many HWID spoofers are found on the web like HWID spoofer warzone, HWID spoofer modern warfare, and many others. It would help if you were careful not to try and use fake HWID spoofers as they get your systems banned almost immediately. The fake ones only change basic hardware IDs that are not enough to stay hidden from anti-cheat organizations.

Why is HWID Spookers so important to you?

Many gaming companies are implementing game bans nowadays with the increase in hack tricks and cheat codes. Even if you are sure that you will not face any anti-cheat bans, as a precaution to save your precious gameplay performance, you can have HWID spoofers with you.

With HWID spoofers, the random hardware ID made up by the spoofer will get banned instead of your PC hardware. If you feel like using cheat again, you can always configure your spoofer again so that it keeps generating fake IDs.

Choosing the correct HWID Spoofer can be tricky, considering various types of them are available in the market. Hence, we have made a list of essential factors that you should note before choosing the right HWID spoofer.

The games you play:

While choosing an HWID spoofer, make sure they configure and eligible to work with your desired game. This will require you to do some research to know about the kind of anti-cheat software your favourite game uses. Some games even use multiple anti-cheat programs for extra protection. So, be sure to make a note of these things before choosing the HWID spoofer.

Easy to use:

You won’t be able to use it well for a long time if your HWID spoofer is not user-friendly enough. Some HWID spoofers reset after you shut down your system. This will cause you to lose all the progress you’ve made.

So, look for an HWID spoofer with an easy setup and activation process that stays active even when you restart your PC. This will spare you lots of time that could waste in setting up the whole process every time you want to restart your PC and play a game.


Some HWID spoofers require you to reformat your hardware as some of the anti-cheat systems leave specially configured files in your PC hard drive that can only remove by reformatting your system. Many HWID spoofers notify the users beforehand if the reformatting is necessary or not, and if it doesn’t, maybe try looking for other spoofers in the market.


Many companies opt for hardware ban systems for players who use cheats or hacks, so it is better to have software like HWID Spoofers installed in your system to protect you from future bans. In many cases, it can even help you to keep playing even if you somehow ban.

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