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Robotics Write for usRobotics Write for us: Robotics is a branch of business that involves designing, engineering, manufacturing, and operating robots. The goal of robotics is to create intelligent machines that can help humans in many ways.

Robotics can take many forms. A robot can resemble a human or take the form of a robotic application, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), that simulates how humans interact with software to perform repetitive task-based tasks.

While the field of robotics and research into the uses and functionality of robots grew significantly in the 20th century, the idea is surely not new.

The Beginnings of Robotics

The term robotics is a delay of the word robot. One of its earliest uses comes from the Czech writer Karel Čapek, who used the word in his 1920 work Rossum’s Universal Robots.

However, science fiction author Isaac Asimov recognize the Oxford English Dictionary as the first person to use the term back in the 1940s.

  • In Asimov’s story, he proposed three principles to guide the behavior of autonomous robots and intelligent machines.
  • Asimov’s three laws of robotics have lived to this day:
  • Robots must never harm humans.
  • Robots must follow human instructions without violating Rule 1.
  • Robots must protect themselves without breaking other rules.
  • But it wasn’t until decades later, in 1961, based on designs from the 1950s, the first programmable robot, Unimate, was developed to move hot metal parts from a die-casting machine.

Robot Applications

Today, industrial robots and many other types of robots perform repetitive tasks. They can take the form of a robotic arm, a robotic exoskeleton, or traditional humanoid robots.

Industrial robots and robotic arms used by manufacturers and warehouses, such as Amazon, Devol, Best Buy, etc.

To operate, a combination of computer programming and algorithms, a remotely controlled manipulator, actuators, control systems (action, processing, and perception), real-time sensors, and an element of automation help inform what a robot or robotic system is.

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