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Virtual Reality write for us: Virtual reality (VR) has received enormous attention in recent years. Along with this publicity, there have been many conflicting terminologies, unrealistic expectations, and many misinformed comments. This section discusses virtual reality as an interactive and participatory environment that could allow many distant users to share a virtual space. Virtual reality replicate by the illusion of participation in a synthetic environment rather than external observation of the said environment. It is based on three-dimensional stereoscopic displays with head tracking, hand/body tracking, and binaural sound.

Virtual reality is an immersive and multisensory experience. It is also known as virtual environments, virtual worlds, or micro-worlds. It has the potential to add extra performance to its users through increased fidelity. virtual reality can also improve user performance by reducing cognitive load while performing a task. Virtual reality can recover workers’ quality of life in unsafe or uncomfortable environments and ultimately affect society.


Virtual reality has been disgracefully challenging to define over the years. Many people use “virtual” to refer to the false or unreal and “reality” to refer to the real world. It leads to an oxymoron. However, the actual definition of virtual is “to have the effect of being such without actually being it.” The explanation of “reality” is “the property of being real,” and one of the meanings of “real” is “having concrete existence.” With these definitions, “virtual reality” means “having the consequence of concrete existence without actually having concrete existence,” which is precisely the effect achieved in an excellent virtual reality system.

The virtual environment does not have to match the real world. Inspired by these considerations, for the virtual wind tunnel, we adapted the following definition: It is the preparation of computer technology to generate the effect of an interactive three-dimensional world in which objects have a logic of spatial presence.

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