The polygon is the two-dimensional geometric figure which will be having a finite number of sides in the whole process. The side of the polygon will always be made up of the straight line segments which have been connected from end to end. These kinds of line segments of the polygon are also known as the sides and edges of the polygon. Any point where two line segments will be meeting will be known as the corner or vertex and it will also lead to the formation of a comprehensive angle over there. The perfect example of a polygon can be three sides in the triangle. People need to know that circle cannot be categorised in the category of polygons because no doubt it is a plane figure but it is not made up of line segments and is a much-curved shape. So, people can very easily claim in the whole world of mathematics that every polygon will be a 2-D shape but all 2-D shapes are not polygons.

A polygon is a close figure that has been made up of the line segments into a two-dimensional plane and the polygon will be the combination of different kinds of segments which means many sides. A minimum of three lines segments will be required to be connected from end to end to make a closed figure. By the definition, people need to be very much clear that polygon will be the figure made up of line segments and further being clear about several aspects is very much important in the whole area of mathematics. Following are some of the basic types of polygons in mathematics:

  • If all the sides and interior angles of the polygon will be equal it will be known as a regular polygon and an example will be a rhombus, equilateral triangle and square.
  • If all the sides and interiors of the polygon are of different measurement then it will be known as a regular polygon for example rectangle, scalene triangle, kite and several other options.
  • If all the interior angles of the polygon are strictly less than 180° then it will be known as a convex polygon and in this particular case, the vertex will always point outwards from the centre of the shape.
  • If the polygon has interior angles of more than 180° then it will be known as a concave polygon and in this particular system, the vertex will be pointing inside the polygon.

Hence, people need to be clear about different kinds of properties associated with the polygons because angles of the polygon can be perfectly categorised into interior angles and exterior angles very easily. As per the interior angle property, people need to be clear about N -2 into 180° so that they can find out the sides very easily and efficiently. On the other hand in the cases of exterior angle property people need to be clear that interior angle + exterior angle will be equal to 180° so that formulations can be taken good care of.

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 Following are the basic properties of the polygons:

  • The Sum of all the interior angles will be N -2 into 180°
  • The number of diagonals into the polygon will be N into N -3/2
  • The number of triangles found by this particular system will be in -2
  • The measure of every interior angle be N -2 into 180°/N
  • The measure of every exterior angle will be 360°/n

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