Do you get the best out of your smartphone?

What things do you usually do with your smartphone? This may differ, but most likely, most uses of it are limited to a few things such as a call, messaging, social media, taking a picture, and watching videos. Among them, the only thing that is possible within the basic functions of the smartphone is taking a picture. We need to download apps from the App Store or Google Play to use phones in daily life. Considering the price of Apple’s iPhone, one of the most popular smartphones, the iPhone 14 with the latest hardware and software is over $1,000. Despite carrying such an expensive and cutting-edge device, we don’t get the best of its features.

eSIM features you must know

Regardless of how well people take advantage of new features, iOS and Android keep updating. However, people are bothered looking at the latest features in newly released software. In fact, it is impossible to follow up and use all new features, and even it might not be necessary. But there is the most powerful and must-know feature of all the latest features in recent years. And that’s eSIM. In 2022, Apple launched the iPhone 14 exclusive for eSIM, and many people began to be interested in eSIM. However, people are still not as familiar with it as with physical SIM cards. It’s no exaggeration to say that if you know and make use of eSIM well, you’re using the latest smartphone really smartly.

You don’t have to think of eSIM as a new and difficult high technology to adapt. eSIM is the latest technology in the field of SIM, and it works exactly like a plastic physical SIM card. On top of that, there is no reason not to use eSIM because it has a strong advantage that plastic physical SIM cards cannot have. If you have purchased a smartphone recently, your cell phone should be eSIM compatible. For iPhones, you can install more than 8 eSIMs and use dual numbers at the same time. You don’t have to be tied to one company’s communications services. It’s very reasonable for telecom consumers to be able to choose the best carrier’s plan as needed and replace it as appropriate. Not all carriers support eSIM yet, but more and more carriers support eSIM, and it is only a matter of time before all carriers support eSIM.

Try eSIM on your trip

If you’ve learned something new about eSIM and got fascinated by the benefits of eSIM, you would want to try it right away. But if you’re already using a plastic SIM card without problems, you don’t need to switch to eSIM by spending extra time and extra money. In this situation, the best opportunity to try out eSIM is when traveling abroad. If you are planning to go on a business trip or vacation abroad, it is an opportunity to make the most of your smartphone. eSIM providers such as eSIM USA and eSIM Korea offer eSIM at affordable prices for travelers without complicated contracts. Simply purchase eSIM online and scan the QR code to add a travel data plan to your smartphone. With the addition of the eSIM plan, the existing physical SIM card can still be activated, so you can check messages and calls from the phone number of the existing SIM card. Enjoy the cutting-edge technology in your hand while traveling.