How to Promote a Podcast?

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Podcast take less time to edit and less effort than writing a blog post for your audience. For these reasons, it is a popular form of content marketing for a wide variety of businesses. So, have you ever had episodes but don’t know how to promote them? In this article, we’re going to share some popular approaches to promoting your podcast. Enjoy! Furthermore, you can optimize your marketing strategies according to your business or company need, optimizing marketing strategies can help you in achieving your goals.

Publish on YouTube

Youtube is a combination of search engines and social media. It gives you a better chance of delivering your podcasts to a large audience. Have you ever recorded podcasts? You can use Youtube for a significant engagement. Convert them to videos and upload them on your Youtube channel. Please use the invideo to edit your videos before publishing them on Youtube. Make sure to use the best video editor for youtube to edit your videos before Publishing your video on the youtube platform also has SEO benefits. So make sure you have optimized each episode with the correct title tags and keywords to get a bigger audience.

Use Social Networks

Social media is a huge platform for promoting podcasts if you can use it right. Almost all social media allows you to post links in the bio and post. Get it as an advantage. For example, pin your latest or best episode to your Twitter profile or Facebook page so that they quickly notice. Use relevant hashtags in the post to help people find your podcasts. Never be afraid to post the same episode multiple times.

Write a Guest Post

Guest blogs are a great, quick way to reach a target audience. Posting guests to a popular website can help boost your authority, branding and get instant traffic. Typically, guest posts write to build backlinks with high power. However, you can also promote your podcast link in guest posts. Write a detailed guest post and include your podcast link with an appropriate anchor and CTA for more clicks.

Become Famous

People naturally draw to popular things. If they find a popular podcaster, there’s a good chance they’re eagerly listening to your podcast. If you create many high-quality podcasts and continuously post them, you will have a good number of subscribers and reviews. It will take time for sure. So you can take another path. If you host your podcasts on Soundcloud, you can try the Soundcloud Play Shop here. Although they are not yet famous, make them look popular so that people tend to listen to them.

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Be a Guest

You should focus more on networking with other podcasters. When you have good relationships with others, you are more likely to be invited to other people’s podcasts. Visiting and appearing on other podcasts is an excellent opportunity to promote your podcast naturally. You can also ask other people to your podcast. If they are invited, they are sure to share it with their followers.


A gift is fantastic to keep a better connection with the public. Are you celebrating your last podcast episode? Advertise it to your followers and have them tag their friends to listen to your podcast as well. Also, post a photo from a contest and explain that the best tagger wins! It’s easy and efficient because people love to receive gifts.

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