The Best Neighborhoods in Chicago

The architecture involving beautiful buildings, festivals, art and culture, and a lot of other things present in Chicago makes it a great option for people to move here. Every year, thousands of people prefer to move here and you might also be one of them who is looking for the right place to move here in this city.

Yes, not all the parts of the city are the same, some are always better than the others. Here you will get to know about the best regions where you can consider moving in.


If you have not packed your bags yet then knowing about different regions to live in before hiring moving companies Chicago is an ideal option. Uptown is one of the best places to live in the city. Located along Lake Michigan on the north side of Chicago, Uptown offers lively entertainment and joyful nightlife.

For those who love to live in apartments and want easy access to the lakefront, uptown is the best neighbourhood. With abundant apartments, whose median rate for rent is about $1,425, this place is known as a renter’s paradise.

If you are looking for buying a decent apartment, then you can accept the median sale price of around $271,500. Food lovers here can enjoy the restraints serving delicious Mexican, Chinese, and Ethiopian food. Many venues are offering great music and entertainment to the residents.

South Shore:

The biggest attraction of South Shore is The Shout Shore Cultural Centre where many celebrities have been to. Also, it is the building that hosted the wedding of President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. If you love to spend your holiday on beaches then you can visit Rainbow Beach which is one of the largest beaches in Chicago.

Here you can access the gym, community centre, and a beautiful beach house for showering and boating. The University of Chicago located here offers world-class education to the students. Despite the University of Chicago and buzz of the Obama centre, the rates of apartments here are comparatively affordable.


Beverly is a stroller-friendly neighbourhood with a strong community. If you love the house with ample space and a beautiful backyard then South Side Beverly is the best place to live in for you. According to recent data, 76% of people own their houses in Beverly.

Therefore, if you are looking to cultivate a community then you should go and settle in this particular neighbourhood. The median price for buying a house in Beverly is around $339,450. Here you can find an affordable house with abundant space for your parents and children.

West Loop:

The name of the place itself is suggesting that West Loop is because of the west of the Loop. Historically, this neighbourhood was home to multiple warehouses and industrial buildings. Due to the high rate of development, West Loop is emerging as the ideal neighbourhood for the residents to live in.

The warehouses and buildings have been transformed into trendy lofts and luxurious apartments. You can find a huge number of bars and restraints here to enjoy delicious food and a joyful nightlife. Private schools are emerging here to fulfil the requirement of better education.

West town:

The neighbourhood present here is a complete mixed bag. It is home to many musicians, performers, and artists of all types. The rental cost and real estate prices are very high but the plenty young vibe present here makes it a suitable neighbourhood to move it to. This is also one of the safest areas of the city.


One of the large geographic neighbourhoods, Lake View encompasses numerous different communities including Boystown and Wrigleyville. This particular neighbourhood, especially East Lakeview is home to a dense and busy population.

West Lakeview on the other hand is a much more relaxed area, with so many families living here. Residents here largely depend on the public transportation system to commute around the area. Boystown which has been recently renamed Northalsted Chicago is inviting communities that host.

Halloween parties, LGBTQ Pride Parade, and music festivals throughout the entire year. It is a welcoming neighbourhood where you can get Chicago-style delicious dishes.

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The near north side area:

The residents living in this area have a good quality of life overall. They are making more money than the average earnings of the people present around but the overall cost of living is also very higher here. The famous magnificent mile, museums are present here which makes this an attractive place for tourists also. The place is also famous for its best pizza, here you can find the best pizza to eat.

Wrapping it all up!!! 

Of course, you will relocate only after doing a lot of research like knowing about the different neighbourhoods. Though the best neighbourhood for you depends on your living standard and your needs. But the above list is given generally which are considered as better than the others. You can find a good home in these neighbourhoods if you research well.