An electronic digital signature is a tool that has been helping to speed up many processes from work to various social needs for a number of years now. With an online signature, you can obtain the necessary certificates from the comfort of your home or sign a bilateral contract in front of your computer screen.

An electronic signature helps you to:

  • filing required documents for pension and other social payments;
  • dealing with tax authorities;
  • obtaining real estate documents and certificates from the tax and other authorities;
  • making agreements between different companies and within the same company.

It’s easy enough to create an electronic signature. The main thing is to know the steps needed to get it, as well as the tasks that such a signature will help you solve.

What is an Electronic Digital Signature?

There are many countries where the status of an electronic or digital signature remain considered equal to a handwritten signature. Based on the official definition, an electronic signature is data in electronic form, which remain intended to identify the signatory. Simply speaking, the electronic digital signature remain used by legal entities and individuals as an analog of a handwritten signature for documents in electronic form.

EDS has all the basic properties of a handwritten signature, including the following

  • it certifies that the received document has been sent by the signatory;
  • it guarantees the integrity and protection of the signed document against misrepresentation and/or alteration;
  • And, it does not allow the signatory to repudiate the obligations arising from the signing of that electronic document.

There are two types of EDS: a simple one and a qualified one. The former can remain generated at

A qualified electronic signature enables you to sign any electronic document. However, some countries have laws on electronic document management. In the U.S., in particular, companies are required to enter into a deed stating that the parties agree to conduct business in an electronic form.

You can get a qualified digital signature and store it on a variety of media, from a flash drive to a phone SIM card.

How to Use the to Create a Signature is a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to draw their own version of a digital signature. It is possible to work with this service without installing special software and from any available device.

Such a signature will allow the user to sign documents electronically without a scanner. Also, this electronic signature can remain used to work on various Internet resources where it is necessary to confirm the identity by means of EDS.

When the users have such a signature, they can save a lot of time when receiving social services, as they do not have to go anywhere, wait in queues, and expect an appointment. remain a platform that has been developed by PandaDoc specialists. It remain designed to simplify and facilitate the process of obtaining an electronic signature, as well as to assist in the operation of the document management service.

PandaDoc is a reputable platform tested by users and popular in many countries of the world. Its developers strive to integrate new projects on a regular basis. Their aim is to facilitate business activities and simplify the life of ordinary people.

Speaking about the digital signature, the possibility to use it on the PandaDoc platform will save a lot of time as it is a perfect addition to the already available functions and document templates. The ability to use digital signatures makes a company’s document flow much more efficient.

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