Machine Learning In India

If you have watched A.I. Artificial Intelligence movie Like the dark knight movie download in hindi 480p directed by Steven Spielberg in 2001 about a robot boy who desires to nurture human emotions, and also talks about futuristic techniques not only limited to intelligence but also to emotional intelligence where Machines develop emotions like humans and start to love you.

It would have been seen as a fantasy two decades ago but now is getting possible with using advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques. We can surely say the world is rapidly becoming technology oriented and there is an ever rising demand for skilled machine learning Engineers and scientists.

Around 95,000 job postings are there asking for Machine learning skills, many studies estimate 50 percent of enterprise applications will have embedded AI technology in coming years. India is also rapidly embracing AI uses in many of its sectors. Get new and updated machine learning courses from Entri.

 AI In Indian Army

The High-level Defence AI Council or DAIC foundation was laid by the defence ministry In February 2019 to provide strategic insights towards adopting AI in the defense sector. DRDO has developed intriguing probes for catering the surveillance and reconnaissance purposes.

They are also developing autonomous technology-based products that focuses on the net-centric communication system for tactical command controls. It is clear the Indian defence ministry sees AI as a possibility for enhancing their technological capabilities and in the meantime also reducing cost. The Indian Defence Ministry also dreams of developing 25 defense-specific AI products in the next five years.

AI Indian Railway

Largest rail network in Asia, The Indian Railways is working with artificial intelligence and data analytics to improve its operational efficiency and functioning. Railways have already started implementing the use of AI and data analytics in train operations, passenger ticket booking, freight operations and even predictive asset maintenance.

 AI In Indian Banks

All leading Public sector banks and private banks are using Ai for enhancing their customer experience in banking transactions. Most banks have AI-powered smart chat assistants that address customer enquiries instantly and help them with everyday banking. With the help of AI banks were able to provide smooth banking services.

AI In Indian Health Care

Due to the shortage of qualified healthcare professionals to a large population of people, many hospitals are coming up with AI-based patient health data analytics platforms, which will help to collect, analyze, and provide insights on patient health. With AI in healthcare the detection of anomalies and trends in medical testing will improve the accuracy and efficiency of disease diagnosis.

How To Become A Machine Language Engineer In India

In order to start a career as a fresher in machine learning students must have a degree or most preferably Masters in computer science, physics, engineering, or robotics degree along with knowledge in c, c++, python, java, scala and other enterprise languages. A strong knowledge about databases will also be an added advantage along with things mentioned above.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineer responsibility is to create programs and algorithms that will make machines take appropriate actions without being directed every time, like that of a self-driven car. Other key skills include computational statistics, data mining, data science course, data analysis, predictive analytics, and mathematical optimization.

A machine learning engineer should understand the use of computer science fundamentals,mathematical skills for performing computations and to work with algorithms, data structures, computability, algorithms and computer architecture.

Machine Learning Career Growth In India

Machine learning is going to play a crucial role in the coming years for developing the country to new heights and with more and more sectors of the society embracing the technology there will be a sharp rise in the need of qualified professionals for work in Machine learning. Get all updates on the machine learning job opportunities