Marketing Channels: Digital marketing is a must-have strategy for every business that wants to survive in this internet era. Everyone is busy, so without marketing, it’ll be difficult for people to notice your brand. However, there are numerous marketing tools available, and they are not all created equally. So, choosing the best one for your eCommerce business might be challenging.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the top 10 tested and trusted marketing channels that successful eCommerce businesses use to accelerate their growth.

What is a Marketing Channel?

Before we start talking about the top 10 marketing channels you can try out, it’s vital that you understand what a marketing channel is. This is the medium or platform that you can use to reach out to your targeted audience. There are two primary types of marketing channels: paid and organic marketing channels. Let’s explain them briefly below.

Paid Marketing Channel

As the name suggests, these are mediums where you need to pay money to communicate with your potential customers.

Organic Marketing Channel

Unlike paid marketing channels, organic marketing channels don’t require you to make any payment. You can design content and distribute it to your customers for free.

10 Best Successful Marketing Channels

SMS Marketing

This is one of the most successful marketing channels you can try for your business. With eCommerce SMS marketing, you can directly send messages about your product to your potential customers. SMS marketing is a campaign strategy that keeps you on a personal level with your targeted audience.

To make the most of this channel, we recommend that eCommerce businesses offer sign-up incentives like discounts or buy two get one free promos. This marketing channel offers several benefits, including high open rates. When running SMS marketing campaigns, you should only message customers when you have something relevant to offer.

Email Marketing

This is another top marketing channel you should include in your campaign strategy. You can use email to communicate with your customers about a promotion or sale. It can also be used when particular events happen, such as when a customer subscribes to your email list or checks out on your website. Before you can communicate with your potential customer, you need their contact information. You can run a discount promo to build your list.

Social Media Marketing

This is another excellent marketing channel that you can use to build and engage your potential customers. Depending on your eCommerce business, you can utilize social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook. Social media marketing is categorized under organic marketing because you don’t have to pay money to advertise your business. Forge your online presence and partner with influencers to help grow your business.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most overlooked marketing channels is affiliate marketing, but it can do wonders. This involves partnering with professionals to promote your products and services for you. These people use special links or promo codes to direct potential customers to your eCommerce website or product page. The affiliate marketer gets a certain percentage when customers click the link and make purchases.

Paid Search Engine Marketing

Another marketing channel you should include in your campaign arsenal is paid Search Engine Marketing or SEM. Initially, search engine marketing could be paid or organic. But with paid SEM, the chances that customers will see your products are higher.

Search Engine Optimisation

Customers looking for a product will search the internet for the best choices. With effective search engine optimization, you can get your business in front of your targeted audience. To get the most out of this marketing channel, you need to design a website and use a good keyword strategy to meet your customer’s expectations.

Content Marketing

While content marketing involves distributing content that’s not involved in sales, it’s an effective marketing channel that can help you create brand awareness. Though it’s time-consuming, it helps engage your customers and build trust.


This is another marketing channel that most eCommerce businesses overlook, but it’s very effective if done correctly. You can use browser cookies for retargeting your audience to offer related products and discounts if needed. This encourages customer loyalty and can drive your sales.

Partnership Marketing

This marketing channel involves partnering with other eCommerce businesses to engage a wider audience. Some businesses can work together on a product and market it on their product pages. In most cases, the product collaboration will be with a company with similar interests.

Direct-Mail Marketing

Let’s round up our most successful marketing channel with direct-mail marketing. With this marketing channel, you can send products directly to your customers. Direct-mail marketing can be done in several ways. You can send products to your audience via email alongside a discount to encourage them to purchase. Or you can send mail about a new product.


Before you choose a marketing channel, you must evaluate your business plan to help you identify the best option for you. Additionally, you can also research your customers well to determine the type of channel combination your business needs. You should understand your potential customers well and what impacts their purchasing decisions.

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