Robots to Kids: Children today have access to so many different types of programs like Robots. There is something for everyone. From art and music to science and math,

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Maker Kids Robotics

STEM programs are among those that have gained popularity with children. Robotics falls under this STEM umbrella. Robots to Kids who have never tried it before, it gives them an outlet for their creativity and keeps their minds active.


A robot is a machine that performs responsibilities without the help of a person. Many persons think of robots as machines that look and execute like humans. However, most robots don’t look like humans. And robots only do what a person made them.

Most robots are computer-controlled devices with many parts. An industrial robot, for example, is an arm-shaped machine that can rotate on multiple joints. It has a hand-shaped role for grabbing and holding objects. Engines move parts.

Although, Some robots can be “taught” to do a job. For example, a person could guide an industrial robot through the motions it needs to do something. The robot’s sensors send signals to the computer about the movements. The computer records the motion pattern. Later, the computer can recover the pattern and tell the robot what to do.


Most industrial robots are used in factories. Some robots load, move, and unload materials. Others use on assembly lines to build things like cars and appliances.

Robots are especially useful because they can do things that could be dangerous to humans. For example, they can send deep underwater or into space. Robots can also handle dangerous materials like radioactive waste or injurious chemicals. They can even have bombs or do espionage work for the military.

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Although, Writings from olden Greece and China speak of toys called robots that were like robots. They were set in motion by steam, air, water, or falling weight. In the late 1700s and early 1800s, complex machines could play music or write on paper with a pen. During this time, people also built machines to do specific jobs. Modern robots only appeared after the invention of the computer. With computers, humans could program robots to carry out tasks on their own.

Robots in Science Fiction

They frequently appear in science fiction or stories set in the future or in another world. With no problems, robots in science fiction books, TV shows, and movies can often think, listen, speak, and walk on two legs. Sci-fi robots that look just like humans remain known as androids. Although real robots are getting more complex, they still don’t look like these imaginary robots.

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