Why Real Debrid Payment Refused?

Real-Debrid is an unlimited downloader that provides additional premium links on various streaming apps and Kodi addons. These links usually lead to higher quality, buffer-free videos.

What is Real-debrid Payment Refused?

Real-debrid is an unlimited downloader that allows you to download files instantly and with the best internet speediness.

Stream your video or audio files presented on different hosts from your web player.

Real-Debrid offers a wide range of clear hosts, so you can download your files without restrictions, no matter where they are.

Download files from your smartphone with the mobile version of Real-Debrid.

Why is my Real Debrid Payment Refused?

You may be entering incorrect information or using a card that we do not accept.

The three most common reasons are:

Insufficient Funds:

  • Make sure you have sufficient resources in your real debrid payment refused account.
  • The credit card is not issued from the country you are currently in:
  • The given country must be the same as the country you are paying from.
  • Your bank is blocking online payment for security reasons:
  • Contact your bank to crisscross if they stop “international payments”.
  • If none of the above supports and you are still receiving a “payment declined” message, we would like to ask you to continue with PayPal.

Check your Payment Information

The information you enter should match what your financial institution has on file for your real debrid payment refused account. Check your statement to ensure you’re entering your payment information the same way.

Sometimes, when your payment information doesn’t match, your financial institution will hold the transaction amount for a few days. Deadlines vary depending on your financial institution. Contact your financial institution for more data on the holdback.

Real Debrid Payment Refused – Step By Step Repair Guide

  • Real debrid payment refused does not generally work due to a VPN interconnection issue.
  • Most people who use free streaming apps like Cinema APK or Kodi also use a VPN.
  • A VPN encrypts your Internet connection and also hides your IP address. We do this so that our streaming and downloading activity cannot record by our Internet service provider, the government, hackers, or other third parties.
  • When people pair their real debrid payment refused with Real Debrid service with their active VPN, they often run into problems.
  • Real-Debrid advertises that it is compatible with several VPNs. And that consist of IPVanish VPN!
  • If you’re with IPVanish, you shouldn’t have any issues, but if you do, follow the video below.
  • The following video demonstrates how to properly pair a Real Debrid account with a streaming app or Kodi addon along with a VPN.
  • I am using IPVanish VPN, but a similar progression should work with other workers.
  • If you haven’t set up Real-Debrid yet, check out our tutorial on how to do that below.Disassociate Real-Debrid from the application or plugin causing problems
  • Close the same app (make sure it’s not running in the background by force stopping the app)
  • Disconnect the VPN app if it is running and also pressure close it
  • Relaunch the application or the plugin and associate the real debrid payment refused account
  • Relaunch the VPN app and connect to the VPN service
  • Watch the video above for specific details.
  • If the problems persist after following the steps above, try connecting through another VPN server.
  • Another reason why Real-Debrid may not work is that the premium account has expired.

The Advantages of Real Debrid Preminum Account when real Debrid Payment Refused

  • High-speed downloads, up to 1000 Mbps (1)
  • HTML5 streaming (no plugin needed)
  • No waiting time or advertising
  • Firefox, Chrome and Jdownloader plugins
  • DLC, RSDF and CCF decryptor
  • Parallel downloads possible (2)
  • Unlimited traffic (4)
  • Support for download accelerators
  • Multiple hosts on one site (3)
  • AES secure downloads possible

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  1. Theoretical speeds, depending on the host, the state of our servers and the user’s connection
  2. Within the limit of 32 connections per server
  3. Refer to the status of the services
  4. Except on some hosts
  5. Traffic used to share links with supports or download links from a server. 15 days: 10GB – 30 days: 15GB – 90 days: 40GB – 180 days: 80GB

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